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What’s coming!?

We are preparing for the offiical launch of WebPunx, which is essentially Jordan and I creating an environment to discuss tech topics that we are passionate about.  Stay tuned...


In 1999 a group of teenage guys were interested in a few things. Girls, Sports and Computers. Fortunately for them, at that time the ladies weren’t flocking, so they utilized that spare time to invest in their knowledge. Jordan Trask (Now a Systems Administrator and Entrepreneur) and Leland Dieno (Now a Digital Marketing Manager and Entrepreneur) are WebPunx.
Webpunx started in the late 90’s just before the dot com bubble burst. These two were buying domains, setting up websites and monetizing them before the concept content monetization was even used as marketing jargon. They rarely had to work normal teenage jobs as they were able to finance their teenage years by making just enough money on the web.

As their lives progressed they realized they had a passion for what they were doing. Jordan worked at multiple web hosting agencies, and eventually ended up in the healthcare field as a Systems Administrator and Leland worked his way up the corporate ladder at a large private corporation eventually ending up working as a Digital Marketing Manager in higher education. But during all of those years these two didn’t stop creating and executing.

Leland, now also the owner of his own small business digital marketing agency is a passionate father and men’s health advocate who has created one of the biggest “Pro Fatherhood” brands online and regularly podcasts…. And we shouldn’t forget to mention that he is also the founder of a Charity helping men struggling in poverty.

Jordan, is the owner of his own technology company providing both hardware and software solutions to a vast range of clients. He is also passionate about photography, riding his motorcycle and hitting the gym. We shouldn’t forget to mention that “he can lift bro”. Jordan’s work has supported companies in every sector including health and wellness, marketing agencies and charities. He is also the primary lead owner and operator of the Webpunx digital services agency “Vandig” under his LMT Technologies umbrella.

Needless to say, these two guys are passionate about what they do, and busy as hell. This is the place you are going to hear about their upcoming projects and see what new ventures they are up to.